Friday, August 05, 2005


This log had a false start in 2001. It collected a few posts about whether or not one should drain the cold water from their cooler, and what exactly John Gilmore looks like. There were even some mentions of Art Bell and the discussion of Un Chien Andalou in The Straight Dope. Somehow, I lost these old posts. Perhaps I told to delete the site at some point. I know I did not intend to.

In unrelated news, I am recovering from a hard drive failure which claimed a wiki that contained the results of most of my online activities. I have a backup of it, but I have not even bothered to restore it yet. I believe that I might switch my online hobbies to a web log.

I am therefore resurrecting this web log. My only goal is to never use the one word term for this medium which begins with a B.


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